The case of Mr. Zhang¨s heroic a...
Mr. Li Qijun is employed as Expe...
Mr. Li Qijun wins the honorary t...
Mr. Li Qijun is titled Expert of...
Mr. WeiDong wins Excellent Achie...
Mr. WeiDong is elected as Vice-s...
Huitao was titled Chengdu Excell...
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The criminal defense and the legal spirit. [2007-11-13]
The defendant regretted for her wrong at trial. [2007-11-13]
One young girl who threw her baby to death was sentenced for three years in Shan... [2007-11-13]
The dustman who robbed and slew the client was sentenced for the death penalty. [2007-11-13]
The case of the thieves Colluding with the policemen (3)------- The 8 defendants... [2007-11-13]
The case of the thieves Colluding with the policemen (2)------- 11 policemen wer... [2007-11-13]
The shortage and the consummating of the Chinese lawyer's right safeguarding [2007-11-13]
Modifying the criminal law focuses on illegal confession [2007-11-13]
One who Splashed urine over the officers of city administration was sentenced to... [2007-11-13]
More and more misjudged cases are revealed, which speeds up Chinese judiciary re... [2007-11-13]
Dr. Ma Jinghua: The study on the acceptability of the search based on the consen... [2007-11-13]
The dissertation of the economic crime and investigation. [2007-11-13]
Drug abuse should be deemed as a crime [2007-11-13]
Dr. Wei Dong: The theory about the inserting standard of the consummated crime o... [2007-11-13]
Dr. Wei Dong: The definition of the international terrorism. [2007-11-13]
Dr. Wei Dong: the rationality of the criminal law in the harmonious society. [2007-11-13]
Dr. Wei Dong: Several theoretical issues relating to defending heroes who are r... [2007-11-13]
Dr. Wei Dong: The basic contents of the non-criminal policy [2007-11-13]
Five core problems of the amendment of the Criminal Law [2007-11-13]
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