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Mr. Li Qijun:
Director and partner of Sichuan Huitao Law Firm, has practiced law for 14 years and is entitled to qualification of handling the legal matters with regard to state-owned assets.
I. His Honors and Social Titles
1. Obtained the title of “Chengdu Top 10 Outstanding youth” jointly granted by Organization department, Department of Propaganda of Chengdu Municipal Party, Committee of the Communist Youth League, Chengdu Youth Federation, Chengdu Television Station, Chengdu Evening News, Chengdu Garrison Command, and Armed Police Force in April, 2005 and becomes the only lawyer in Sichuan Province to receive such title;
2. Received the Outstanding Contribution Award for Serving Chengdu Municipal Party and Government jointly granted by Chengdu Bar Association and Chengdu Evening News in January, 2005, and becomes the only lawyer in Sichuan Province to receive such prize;
3. Expert Consultant for Critical Admisitrative Decision-making of Chengdu People’s Government in April, 2006;
4. Legislative Expert Counselor of Cheng People’s Congress in March, 2006;
5. Received the Chengdu Top 10 Lawyers Special Prize;
6. Elected Deputy Secretary-General of Bar Association of Sichuan Province in December, 2006;
7 Obtained the silk banner for “enthusiastically offering effective legal services” granted by the Chenghua District People’s Government in June, 2003;
8. Received the title of “Excellent Lawyer” granted by Chengdu Bar Association;
9.  Received the title of “Excellent Lawyer” jointly granted by Chengdu Bureau of Justice and Chengdu Bar Association in March, 1999;
10. Received the title of “Excellent Party Member” awarded by Chengdu Bureau of Justice in June, 2004;
11. Elected Committee Member of the 11th Youth federation of Sichuan Province in 2003;
12. His main achievements was included by “Sichuan Youngsters Yearbook” in 2003;
13. Awarded one third-class collective merit for participating in successfully handling “Sandian Co., Ltd.” Guarantee Case on behalf of Chengdu municipal Government in March, 2004;
14. Awarded one third-class collective merit in December, 1996;
15. Acted as independent director of Sichuan Tianyuan Futures Co., Ltd;
16. Acted as Executive Director of Editorial Committee of “Research on Legal Practice and Theory”.
II. His Achievements:
In recent years, Mr. Li Qijun has provided legal services for the administrative agencies at provincial, municipal and district levels on great projects as follows( they include but not limited to the following):
 1. Provided legal services for Sichuan Mount. GongGa Glacier Co., Ltd on the disputes of distribution of the Hailuogou ticket fees;
2. Provided legal services for Chengdu Municipal People’s Government on M&A between Beihai International Commercial Co., Ltd and Chengdu Jingjiang Electronic Machinery Factory, involving the total amount of 320 million RMB; 
3. Provided legal services for Jingjiang District Government on the legal matters concerning land expropriation and registration;
4. Provide legal services for the reconstruction of the old city and the infrastructure construction of a new city of Pixian of Chengdu;
5. Provide legal services for the development and construction of ancient Wangconggu Cultural Park Area;
6. Provide legal services for the TOT Project of Sewage Treatment of Qingbaijiang District;
7. Provide legal services for the BOT Project of City Greening Corridor of Qingbaijiang District;
8. Provided legal services for Beijing Office of Sichuan Provincial Government on the use of lands and buildings;
9. Draft, Examine, and amend over 10 local rules for the government agencies at Provincial, municipal, district and country levels.
III. Part of His Clients and Cases
1. Special Legal Counsel for the investment of 800 million yuan RMB in Chengdu by JDP Health System Investment Fund (USA);
2. Special Legal Counsel for the nuclear power station project of 1.5 billion yuan RMB jointly invested between Framatome ANP Co.(France) and Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd;
3. Special Legal Counsel for the establishment of large joint venture with the total investment amount of 200 million yuan RMB by KWH Company (Germany) and Dongfang Boiler Group Co., Ltd; 
4. Special Legal Advise for the construction of Sichuan Aquatic Logistics Center ----the largest center in the western region, with the total investment amount equivalent to 80 million yuan RMB invested by Sichuan Xiboyuan Industry Co., Ltd.,;
5. Special Legal Counsel for Separating secondary lines of business from core business and  turning secondary lines into independent companies for more than ten state-owned enterprises;
6. Participating in handling the guarantee case worth of 400 million yuan RMB for a state-owned enterprise entrusted by Chengdu Municipal Government;  
7. Entrusted by Longquan Management Committee of Chengdu National Economic and Technology Development Zone, acting as agent to participate in settlement of the loan guarantee dispute against Guangdong Huizhou TCL Co., Ltd.
8. Providing legal services for Sichuan Mobile Communication Co., Ltd. to collect the due communication fees nearly 490 million yuan RMB;
9. Special Legal Counsel for the project of establishment of thermal electric power station worth of 1 billion yuan RMB invested in trust by a state-owned enterprise directly under the State Council.
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